The mellifluous snow

Un relato perturbador escrito en inglés originalmente por un compañero mío de academia y yo, posteriormente remasterizado por mí para que no parezca lo que realmente es. De mis textos favoritos en cuanto a forma, ¿podría esto abrir una senda de comedia más ácida y más picante? Decidme que pensáis en los comentarios :).
A tale of a politicly incorrect self-love without any crude language.

It as a cold, snowed, and dark night. Walking carefully, professor Snape was following in the the distance his 15 year old student Alicia, who was going to her house with no suspicions. Then, she arrived at her one floor house and entered it. For a second, she wondered if she was bein followed, but she decided not to mull it over and went to get changed to her bedroom. Her parents were not at home and she was going to get comfortable to watch a movie on the sofa. Professor Snape, knowing what was to come, silently approached her window, crouched under the frame so he wouldn’t be discovered and took a glance inside. There she was, unflappable, calmly unbuttoning her shirt. Pleased by what he saw, professor Snape opened widely his eyes. The stone dragon emerged from the ocean abysses, and a godly hand came from the skies to knock it out. And the mellifluous snow went through the surface of the sea, and the dead, weakened body of the dragon slept with the white, melting dust on it. Trembling, Snape whispered, but not for the cold, and felt finally relieved. And, deeply thrilled by the thought of being seen, he ran away from that place, stepping hard on the snow, hearing it crunch… feeling it.

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