The Chamber of the Future

The Chamber of the Future
Under a junk'n'soil purée (a lot of metres), we can see the Chamber of the Future. It is not really a Chamber, but a group of them; actually, maybe it isn't even called like that, maybe some of its people just want to feel special. Theirs is one of the last cities on Earth, and since all of them are incommunicated they can do that sort of cool stuff. 'Where do you live?', 'In the Chamber of Future', 'Wow...'
The Chamber of Future is made out of some few steel rooms, that may give someone claustrophobia after a while, with some people who know they will probably have no descendants so they just live to have some fun. We'll look at some of this wonderful individuals.
Peter. 15 years old, the flower of life. Doesn't know if the expression it's still valid since there aren't those anymore. But Peter is confused. Dalila, the 16 year old girl of the town, is so ugly he doesn't know if he likes women, so he goes to Rose, the crazy love goddess, who's not a public woman, but someone who makes her living from giving advice about sex to the people. Peter arrives to the cash desk and leans on his left forearm in an insecure attitude.
-Hello, handsome, what can I do for you.
-You don't have to lie to me, we've met since I was a toddler. Dalila, I'm confused. I came here because I want a sexual identity. What you got?
Dalila said a wet 'Well' and took out from a drawer a roulette with lots of triangles. She spinned it. 68. Took out a book which had no dust at all and passed its pages making them sound like the flight of a retarded seagull.
-Sixty eight: male but with some homosexual behaviours and a vagina on the right shoulder.
-Oh crap! I just wanted to be a regular male, but that's ok. Although it doesn't make sense. How am I supposed to have a vagina on my shoulder?
-Just chill, it's a sticker. Oh, and when they ask you, you're a shouldhermaphrodite.
-And if a boy wants to hook up with my shoulder?
-Just tell him you have feelings and walk away.
And that's how Dalila ended up crying in a corner knowing the love of her life wasn't even one of the thirty first genres, which were the comprehensible ones for her.
Mary is an artist. She wears a saucepan as a parisian beret and people are amazed when they watch her paint a red vertical line in the middle of a sheet.
-It's called 'Wound'. Inspired by Velázquez.
-Who was Velázquez-says a naive visitor to the ear of other.
-No way to know, just admire.
And the crowd rippled in a 'Ooooooh', and she bowed to her people.
-Well I think you could...
And the crowd stoned him for opposing to the artist, case closed, then the richest man in town bought 'Wound' and his whole family felt fulfilled that night when he hung it on the fireplace. Mary was happy, rolled up over herself in her bed. She was a recognised artist. Thank God for her invaluable talent! Hip, hip...! Let that to the people.
-In the old timez, boyyy, they did much better-dreamily said Daniel to John the Fireseller.
-Shut the duck up and take your fire.
Daniel put his wooden stick in front of John so he could set fire to it with his torch. The rumours said he was a month experimenting to get the fire. Lately the business had been going wrong because the people just passed the flame between each other instead of buying it from him, so he complained to the cop (who had a gun and twenty bullets, more than enought for all the people in the Chamber of the Future) and the cop threatened the thieves with building a tunnel in their heads if they had that type of bad attitude. The business was cool because John was also the provider of wooden objects. Knowing this, it can be deduced that John had a very nice life, and lots of money. So much money he desperately tried to spend it in the other shops after work. The men in town would like to protest against him for absorbing Lucy's time, but there was the problem of that damn tunnel engineer.
Lucy was very attractive. In other ages, in other places, of course, she wouldn't have been able to perform her job, but in the Chamber of Future nobody cared about the fact that she was fourteen, neither she, neither her clients.
-Also, it is fun. And do I tell you a secret? Peter Lindsay isn't a shouldhermaphrodite. In our meetings he's male two hundred per cent.
Also, people don't have anything to do. In the old times, you had to study, to work, you know, to be something in life. Now that the species are inexorably doomed, the few dwellers just want to have a little fun and not harm anybody. There was that guy, Robertson or something, who wanted them to fight because he had some knives he wanted to sell. Lucy walked in his shop and stabbed him one time for each knife he had. When she had ended, everybody came and applauded. The cop wanted to shoot her but he was too afraid; he was even happy, because riots were nonsense and it was cool to sit on a plastic chair and read Superman comics. Lucy is a very good girl. She loves everyone in town and everyone love her, men and women (and whatever the other people obtained in the roulette). She did well killing that bad man, everyone hated him, and now he cannot do any harm.

Aaaand that's all. A piece of this 'Chamber of the Future'. Inspired in New York and some other stuff, dedicated to Max Kyburz (and the other museum guard whose name I can't recall)... I really wish I had more english content because that would at least give the english speakers a taste of my style. So I'll just create it. 'Cause I caaaaaaaan yes! Tell me if in the comments if you wanna know more about this weird town :).
Side Note: I know last text, the Lucy one, may be a bit controversial since it's child prostitution. But, I must say two things: 1-It's fiction, I'm the owner here so if you don't like it, make a different content yourself. 2-The world I paint here is a world where law has almost disappeared. Sincerely, nobody cares of what age she has, since she doesn't care either. Everybody happy. And no one is coming to the city to say 'Oh that's not ethical'.
I hope you enjoyed this, just wanted to do a dystopian world with satirical lens :).

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